What does FAQ mean?
FAQ means frequently asked questions and is a list with short answers to questions that are assumed to be common, for example among visitors to a website.

What is MK Förlag (MK Publishing Firm)?
MK Förlag (MK Publishing Firm), an abbreviation of Mats Kristianssons Förlag (Mats Kristiansson's Publishing Firm), is a hobby business, founded in 1985, that, with a publishing rate of one or a couple of books a year in small quantities, is one of the smallest publishing firms in Sweden. At the start and until a few years ago, the main purpose was to publish and sell books by the founder Mats Kristiansson. Nowadays, the main purpose is to publish texts by Mats Kristiansson on the web.

What is MK Förlag English alias eng.mkforlag.com?
A subdomain to the main domain www.mkforlag.com with text in English. The contents are partly the same as on the main domain.

What is MK Förlag Software alias software.mkforlag.com?
On this subdomain to the main domain www.mkforlag.com, I publish free programs for Windows. The text is in English.

I want to contact MK Förlag (MK Publishing Firm). How do I do that?
Send an email to mats.kristiansson.skovde@gmail.com or a letter to Mats Kristiansson, Timmervägen 3A, 541 64 Skövde, Sweden.

I want to publish a book at MK Förlag (MK Publishing Firm). Is that possible?
In principle, no. Firstly, the main purpose of MK Publishing Firm is to publish my books, not the books of others. Secondly, I have neither the motivation nor the resources (financial and others) required to run a publishing firm more for real than I do right now.

I want to comment on a page. Can I do that?
Yes. Send an email or a letter with the title of the page you want to comment on, the comment and your name or a pseudonym. After review and maybe some minor adjustment, your comment will be posted at the bottom of the page you have commented on. Earlier, there was a comment form at the bottom of each page, but I don't have that any longer, because almost everything that was sent via these forms was spam.

Nothing happens when I'm clicking on some reddish brown words on this website. Why?
It may be because JavaScript is disabled in your browser. JavaScript is such a well established technology on the Internet that I simply presume that all my visitors have enabled JavaScript.

What do the three fields in a version number mean?
The fields mean major version, minor version and bugfix version respectively. Most likely, several minor version upgrades will eventually lead to a major version upgrade. Beside new functions and contents, a minor version upgrade may include bugfixes of already existing functions and changes of already existing contents. Beside buxfixes, a bugfix version may include new functions and new contents intended to be included in a preceding major or minor version.

What does it mean if a version of a program is marked Beta?
That the program is not yet ready for a final release and that you should expect that some functions don't work properly.

The answer to my question is missing in this FAQ. What do I do?
Contact MK Förlag (MK Publishing Firm). You will almost certainly get a reply via email. Your question and the answer may also be posted on this page.

Would you like to comment on this page or some other page? Send an email to mats.kristiansson.skovde@gmail.com or a letter to Mats Kristiansson, Timmervägen 3A, 541 64 Skövde, Sweden with the title of the page you want to comment on, your comment and your name or a pseudonym.