About MK Tools

MK Tools is a collection of rather simple, rather small tools with some – at least as far as I know – rather unusual, rather innovative features. Amongst others, the tools are aimed at saving time and effort when developing web pages and programs and when working with text files [1] There seem to be several different views on what text files are. In this case, it's human-readable files that works with a C# StreamReader, for example .txt, .html and .cs files. and the file system. The latest version, MK Tools 2016, [2] MK Tools 2016 is the second version of the collection of tools and is therfore also called MK Tools 2. The first version, MK Tools 2014, was first published 2014-10-04 The latest version, 2.0, was published 2017-01-09. includes these programs:

MK Calendar 2016 shows the current date and time and a full year (12 months). For more information, go to the page MK Calendar.

MK Clock 2016 shows the current date and time. For more information, go to the page MK Clock.

With MK Color Mixer 2016, you can make gradient scales of colors, that may help you decide what colors to use, for example in a desktop publishing program or on a web page. For example, I used MK Color Mixer when I created MK Tools 2016, and I would have used the program when I created mkforlag.com, but it wasn't written at the time. For more information, go to the page MK Color Mixer.

With MK File Tools, you can process a selection of files (potentially all files on the computer). For now, you can only find files matching one or serveral criteria and open files. In later versions of the program, you will be able to, amongst others, copy, delete, merge, move and rename files, replace text in files, and count the letters, words and more in files. For more information, go to the page MK File Tools.

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