MK Webmaster Tools

MK Webmaster Tools

MK Webmaster Tools 2012 is based on MK Notepad 2010. It's a freeware program with some rather simple yet rather powerful tools aimed at saving time and effort for webmasters and other people working with text files. Many functions works the same as in MK Notepad 2010 but are several times faster (in one case even 12(!) times faster). Other functions are new or improved. For more information on what's included in version 1.0.0 of MK Webmaster Tools, see History below and the help files you will get with the download.

Right now (October 2014), I'm working on a program I call MK Tools, that is the next generation of MK File Tools and will include an updated version of MK Webmaster Tools. Not the least, I'm using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) instead of Windows Form. Go to the page MK Tools to find out more about this new program and perhaps dowload it for free.


Version 1.0.0

Published 2012-11-17.

Includes this File function: Exit.

Includes these Edit Text functions: Compact, Signs, Words, Lines, Lines + Indents, Lines + Empty Line, Lines + Indents + Empty Line.

Includes these Edit HTML functions: br, div, ol, p, q Straight, q Typographic, table, ul.

Includes these Edit HTML Encode functions: Encode < & >, Encode < & > ", Encode < & > " ', Encode All.

Includes these Edit HTML Decode functions: Decode < & >, Decode < & > ", Decode < & > " ', Decode All.

Includes these Delete HTML Tags functions: Keep all contents, Delete script contents, Delete style contents, Delete title contents, Delete script & style contents, Delete script & title contents, Delete style & title contents, Delete script & style & title contents.

Includes these general Edit functions: Undo, Redo, Copy, Copy All, Cut, Cut All, Paste, Select All, Clear, Clear All, Clear Clipboard, Uppercase, Lowercase.

Includes these Help Reference pages: File menu, Edit > Text menu, Edit > HTML Elements menu, Edit > HTML Encode menu, Edit > HTML Decode menu, Edit > Delete HTML Tags, Edit menu, Help menu, Edit > Replace tab, Edit > Advanced tab, Settings > Shortcuts tab, Settings > Textboxes tab.

Includes these general Help pages: Did you know ..., FAQ, History, Thanks to ...

Includes an Uninstall dialogue and an About form with a download link and an email link.

Includes these tabs: Edit Replace, Edit Advanced, Settings Shortcuts, Settings Textboxes and Notes.

The Edit Replace tab includes the buttons OK, Reset and Help, the checkboxes Match whole word, Match case, Use regular expression and Mark blocks with @ and the textboxes Find and Replace.

The Edit Advanced tab includes the buttons OK, Reset and Help, the checkbox Copy to clipboard and a combobox with the options Compact, Signs, Words, Lines, Sequence, Merge signs, Merge words and Merge lines.

In the Settings Shortcuts tab, you can set shortcuts for all the functions and for opening all the help pages.

in the Settings Textboxes tab you can set font family, font style, font size, tab size, block mark, background color and text color for all the textboxes.

Finally, there's a textbox for editing text and a status strip with information about the text in the textbox (number of signs, number of words and number of lines).

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