MK Förlag: Software

The general idea is to publish programs and perhaps other related content here whenever I've written something I think can be useful to others. My goal is to write programs that are traditional and easy to use but yet innovative and advanced. Considering the facts that I only recently (the summer of 2010) started writing bigger, more developed compiled programs and that I'm a slow learner, I don't think I'm nowhere near reaching that goal yet, but considering the facts that I've been using different types of Windows programs and writing HTML pages and PHP scripts for several years I don't think it will take that long before I do. At least to a certain extent.

The last month or so (December 2016), I've been working on the second version of a collection of programs I call MK Tools. It contains several smaller programs, especially aimed at saving time when working with text files (in the sense human readable files, like HTML, CSS and CSV files) and with the file system. January 9, 2017, I published the first version, consisting of the programs MK Calendar 2016, MK Clock 2016, MK Color Mixer 2016 and MK File Tools 2016.

The plan is to add more functions to MK File Tools (copy, delete, merge, move, rename, replace, etc.) and to add more programs (a font viewer, a new version of MK Webmaster Tools, etc.). Click on Programs at the top of the page to see if more programs have been included ...

All programs and all source code on are free. You may modify the source code and use modified versions of the programs yourself, but you are not allowed to sell the programs.

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